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Hey all, sorry for the delay in my quest posts, I was hoping to post every other day but some family stuff came up. But I will work on it tomorrow for sure so check back for another update!


I’m Back, and Update on the Bestie

If any of you wanted an update from SSORT about the last thing I reblogged: here you go! 🙂

Star Stable Online Ride Through

Hey all!

I’m back from my weekend vacation! It was really fun and it was nice to see my friends again.

Since I got a lot of support from everyone when I posted about my friend’s suicide attempt, I thought I would update you all for those who are interested.

He is doing really well. He spent the last couple weeks in the psyche ward at the hospital, getting daily talk therapy and being under supervision. His wounds have healed well and he is being treated for bipolar disorder. He is still getting daily therapy but he will be staying and working from home for the next few weeks. His partner is also doing better and dealing with things well. He has been very supportive of Sam and many the new changes they will have to make in the future. It was very bittersweet seeing him happy this weekend. I’m…

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No Laughing Matter – Important, Please Read

Hey everyone, just want you all to know-suicide is not the answer. There are people out there that love you. And you can always get help, call the suicide hotline if you have these thoughts or actions.

Love yall!

Star Stable Online Ride Through

Hey all.

I want to address a topic that is very solemn and hard to discuss but for my own sanity it must be said.

-Deep breaths- The topic is suicide.

Last night my best friend attempted suicide. He texted me and a few other people right before, and had I not thought it weird, he would have died. I live a good distance away from him so I could not go check on him personally. I phoned his partner to go home, and he was found passed out in the bathtub, wrists slit.

If this makes you sick, it should.

We are all numb and dumb-struck. Why didn’t we see the signs sooner? Why didn’t he say something? How could he do this to us?

It’s all a tangled mess of emotions. I am so overloaded by feelings that I don’t feel anything anymore. I feel lost and confused…

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Day 104, Catastrophes and Other Messes

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Star Stable Online Ride Through

An exciting new visitor has come to Moorland. Speak to Jenna to see if she knows more.

A New Horse for May


Hey Rita! Have you heard that we’ve got a new horse at Moorland Stables?

The horse belongs to May’s cousin, but May’s promised to take care of him for a few days.

I’ve got no idea what May’s cousin is called… Oh, right, you mean what’s the horse’s name? Haha!

I’m afraid I don’t know that either. Sphinx? Nah. Blinks? Mm, nope. Jinx? Nah, I can’t remember.

What I do know is that he’s so cheeky and adorable! You and Summerblaze should stop by and say hello before he goes home again. Like I say, I don’t know how long he’ll be here, but talk to May. She knows more.

Objectives: Ask May about the new horse.

Rewards: 5 Jorvik Shillings, 5 XP

Reputation: 5 with Moorland Stable

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Quick Update Post

If you need any help in game for horse isle you can mail me or PM if I’m online. I’m playing Horse isle 2 life cycle and my blog character is DelicatePetal. My main account is RosePony and I made this account (DelicatePetal) FOR BLOG PURPOSES ONLY. You can message me on either account but just so you know you shouldn’t have more then one account unless it’s for purposes like this where I am doing a blog and helping people. Otherwise it is considered cheating, I don’t really know why it’s just what they said. Anyway, feel free to message me and I will also be glad to add you! Cheers!

Day One- Getting started On Welcome Isle

I am so so sorry! I was playing the game and typing my post and then I accidently exited out of WordPress so, instead of going through all the chat with MrWelcomer I’ll help you get started and then we will pick up with the first quest. So first of all, I won’t be posting pictures-for now. Second of all, when you log on your on Welcome Isle. Control your character with the arrow keys, click on the ‘sticks’ that say ‘Click me! Help” It is a help stick and will help you play the game. Next, you can gather coconuts, pistachios, strawberries, anything there that you find you can collect and eat (or sell when you get to a main isle). From where you are when you log on go south and a little west. Go inside the house click on the man. (MrWelcomer) and say any question you have or whatever you want. When I am posting what the NPC’s (Non-Player-Character’s) are saying, I will add my own username if they say it. Also, I will put down what I decided to say to them. So once you got acquainted with MrWelcomer eventually he will have you start a quest. Which is where we start! *crosses fingers I don’t exit out this time* LOL

(You will eventually get to this part where he talks about making money).

MrWelcomer: Oh, well, money, well. Here on Horse Isle if you want money, you have to earn it. And that’s not hard, nor is it boring. Well, okay, sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s tedious, but here on Horse Isle, we’re generous when it comes to pay. There’s a lot to be done here. Just about everybody has things they’ll happily pay you to for them, so just go anywhere, and introduce yourself and ask!

Me: I see! Well… hmmm… I need some money and… Hi there, I’m DelicatePetal, would you by any chance have any small job you need done?

MrWelcomer: Excellect DelicatePetal! You’ve got it! Now, as it happens, there are a few things I need done. Firstly, could you go shake me some coconuts down from the palm trees on the shoreline? I promised, my daughter, WanderLass, that I would make her Coconut Cream Custard pie. It takes three coconuts. Would you be willing to do this for me?

Me: Sure thing!

(Purple text ends dialogue, blue continues).

Go out of the house and go south click on any palm tree and click shake. There should be three in each tree so you should be able to get all three from one tree. Click shake three times. Return to MrWelcomer.

When you tell him you got all the coconuts, he will ask you to go find his daughter. Go north west into a forest. She is by a fireplace, just click on her and click talk to.

WanderLass: Hi there. I’m enjoying my campfire, you may sit and enjoy it also if you like.

Me: Your father is looking for you, he wants you to come home.

WanderLass will complain and you will tell her he is making pie, she will stop complaining and you can return back to to MrWelcomer, go south east.

MrWelcomer wants you to find a key, go outside and go east until you see three dead trees. There is a button that says tools on your taskbar select use for your ranke. When you get the key, return to MrWelcomer. Give him his key by talking to him.

Your Reward: $5,000 and 25 quest points.

Now you can go to the lady west of the house and take a quiz refer to help center for hints. I will not post the answers because some of these are internet safety questions and you should answer them your self.

You will earn $2,000 every question you get right. There are 10 questions.

Reward: $20,000 and 25 quest points ($20,000 if you get all of them right)

Now go in the dock house next to the lady speak to the man and decide where you want to go. Click on him and click routes when you’ve decided.

Congrats! You finished the first day! Your now on a main isle! I will be posting quests from isles soon. Enjoy!